Code of Ethics for Business

  • This document lays down principles related to a Code of Ethics for Business and all concerned guidelines aimed at the conduct of those collaborating to Companhia de Navegação Norsul (“Norsul”) and its invested companies. It is part of the employment contract formalized between collaborators and Norsul, and it shall be acknowledged and followed by all involved parties.

  • All activities and procedures of Norsul shall be permanently carried out in total conformity with the laws in effect in the country, and the use of Norsul’s resources, assets and funds shall be made for legal purposed only.

  • The enforcement of our Code of Ethics for Business ensures effective protection of all interests related to Norsul and its staff members.


1. Relations with Collaborators and Team Members

1.1 Fair Labor Practices

No discrimination of any kind against collaborators shall be tolerated in cases of promotion or admission of candidates, whether for religious creed or philosophical and political beliefs or sex/gender or age or sexual orientation or marital status or disabilities or of any other kind. The criteria to be adopted shall meet the basic requirements of each needed position.

1.2 Labor Relations

The work environment must be based on mutual respect, and no abusive acts (in gestures and words) or embarrassing behavior against the moral and physical integrity of any collaborators shall be tolerated, irrespective of their legal typification as moral and/or sexual harassment.

The same is applicable to any type of threat or intimidation.

1.3 Employment of Family Members

The hiring of close relatives is not allowed at any hierarchical level of Norsul’s collaborators for activities that demand or imply direct or indirect subordination and/or that might involve positions with any conflict of interest.

1.4 Confidentiality

No information on Norsul’s businesses or finances shall be disclosed unless it has been previously authorized by a member of the Executive Board.

In spite of the termination of an employment contract, the use or disclosure of any information about Norsul is not allowed, except for data of public knowledge.

1.5 External Activities

Norsul does not support any political party or orientation and, therefore, no contributions to political and religious groups or entities are allowed.

Collaborators’ involvement in processes unrelated to Norsul’s concerns (as in politics, religion etc.) shall not pose any conflicts of interest to the detriment of work performances.

A collaborator shall never wear Norsul’s uniform or identify himself as a Norsul employee when executing external activities unrelated to his work.

In no event shall a collaborator make use of Norsul’s means, systems, resources or facilities for the execution of activities that are not related to his work.

2. Trade Union Relations

Norsul does recognize the importance of trade unions and always seeks dialogue with them in order to come up with solutions that can meet the interests of all involved parties on the basis of relations characterized by legality, credibility, transparency and mutual respect.

3. Media and Public Relations

Norsul maintains an open line of communication with the press and makes all needed information available when the disclosure of its actions is concerned. Any contact with the media shall always be previously authorized by the Executive Board.

Norsul ensures righteousness and transparency in its media and public relations. Communications and publicity shall be pursuant to the current legislation as well as to the professional codes and ethical principles in force in civil society.

4. Relations with Governmental and Regulatory Agencies

Norsul encourages transparent, ethical and respectful relations with representatives of governmental and regulatory agencies. Upon visiting our facilities for inspections or surveillances, public officials shall be respected and provided with all requested information.

5. Relations with Clients and Suppliers

Norsul has no involvement in businesses that might tarnish its reputation of moral and ethical rectitude on the market. We constantly seek to improve the quality of our services in concordance with our principles of continual improvement.

No gifts, favors or entertainment shall be provided to clients’ employees or representatives so as to influence or pressure them into doing business with Norsul. No gifts or favors shall be promised or granted for the obtainment of advantages.

Norsul seeks to obtain goods and services on the basis of their price, quality, availability and contract terms. Suppliers’ integrity and legal status, as well as the value of their offers, must be taken into consideration when analyzing objectives and conditions both in the short and long term.

The direct or indirect hiring of suppliers is not allowed when relations posing a conflict of interest are involved.

The receipt of any recompense or payment from suppliers, clients or competitors for all types of rendered services is not allowed.

Neither businesses nor transactions of personal scope or financial interest with clients are allowed. None of Norsul’s collaborators are allowed to have businesses related to the company’s main concern.

6. Commitment to the Environment

Norsul seeks to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in accordance with global standards. The company’s facilities and vessels must therefore conform to their natural and urban environments.

Norsul undertakes to continually enhance its environmental performance and systematically minimize potential risks of environmental pollution.

Norsul’s vessels and suppliers must operate in conformity with all applicable IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations.

Collaborators must be continually trained and made aware of all environmental policies. They must also contribute to a development that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.